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Relatives of political prisoners settled in front of the Cathedral of this city with the purpose of demanding the release of the detainees in some state prisons.

EDELO also was a safe-house for the community when they were living a few blocks away in the Center Zocalo, Las Conchitas community used our space for bathing, gardening and food, craft making, and participating in the cultural events.  


EDELO created a work titled Presos Politicos where we set a wooden stage by their tents to paint a portrait of each one of the political prisoners and demand justice, aiming to make people see what they have become accustomed to believing is invisible. We marched in the streets demanding freedom for their loved ones with the portraits.  

Mia lead the safe house and craft aspect of the relations with Las Conchitas Community while Caleb Duarte lead Presos Politicos drawing project with supporting artists, Rigo 23, Santiago Marcial and Mia Eve.


Chiapas Mexico 2013

Zolcalo Central & EDELO

Ongoing Community Workshops and Safe House

Mia Eve Rollow


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