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Embassy of the Refugee are collaborative, interactive temporary sculptural performances that symbolically appropriates the authority of the state--a nomadic Embassy that is sanctioned by its own creators as an autonomous territory for sanctuary and creativity.  Nomadic Project Created with Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Communities in Movement.  

Burning Houses is a continuing work as part of the Walking The Beast project. From February to April of 2021, a team of artists and asylum seekers gathered in El Chaparral, a refugee tent block, and at the Embassy of the Migrante, in Tijuana Mexico to create objects and perform as invisible theater. We created objects for ritualistic purposes and burned them at the feet of the US Mexico Border. A video documentation of oral histories and public interventions will be developing as the work continues into the summer of 2022.

Tijuana Mexico 2021 – Ongoing

EDELO Collaborative lead by Caleb Duarte

and Mia EVE

Two-Month Residency, Community Workshops and Performances

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