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Image created in collaboration with Imad Abu Shtayyah

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a manufactured attempt at genocide, the outcome of a 100-year-old colonial occupation by Zionists and later Israel, backed by the British, the United States and other major imperial powers. It is about the ongoing seizure of Palestinian land by the colonizers; the rendering of the Palestinians as non-people, writing them out of the historical narrative as if they never existed. 


Since 1948, Palestinians have heroically mounted one resistance effort after another, all unleashing disproportionate Israeli reprisals and a demonization of the Palestinians as terrorists. But this resistance has also forced the world to recognize the presence of Palestinians, despite the feverish efforts of Israel, the United States and many Arab regimes to remove them from historical consciousness. 


Two-month self-directed residency and short film/interview series created with Deheisha Refugee Camp, West Bank, Palestine 2019

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